Traveljar is a conduit to exploring the magnificence of our wildlife, and is deeply involved in protecting and preserving this natural environment. Adventure opens the doors to understanding conservation. As a global community, it is possible to live in harmony with our incredible wildlife and the habitats they flourish in. But this requires united effort, singular focus and awareness.

Traveljar annually hosts fundraising events for our conservation partners. In 2018 a team of cyclists, led by Traveljar directors Jacques Rudolph and Andrew White, crossed Zambia for Wild Ride in support of the The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Game Rangers International. Both are key conservation partners to Traveljar, with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation having projects across Africa and Asia. This highly effective charity raises awareness about the great need to protect and nurture our fragile wilderness, focusing wildlife crime and law. Game Rangers International work specifically in Zambia providing park protection, community empowerment and elephant rescue, rehabilitation and release. The Wild Ride team raised over $20,000 to help these organisations continue their valuable work for wildlife & communities.

Traveljar’s third key conservation partner is Rhino 911. A team of professional, volunteer pilots and veterinarians provide new methods to response time in assisting wounded rhinos. The poaching of rhinos on the African continent is a major concern and often a violent poaching incident leaves the animals wounded, without the prospect of surviving such an ordeal, unless they are immediately attended to. Advanced technology assists the Rhino 911 team in monitoring rhinos in their habitat and swift response times at the occurrence of a poaching incident.

Engaging local communities to find long-term, sustainable solutions and influencing laws and policies in exposing illegal animal trade, is a perfect fit for Traveljar. Traveljar’s commitment to conservation is reflected in specialised trips where the focus is on conservation, and a donation from the trip given to the project visited.. Traveler's can look forward to visiting and elephant orphanage in Zambia, community outreach programs volunteer projects, conservation focused tours and mountain bike adventures to raise money.

Andrew White, wildlife photographer and passionate conservationist, organises all of Traveljar conservation trips.